Vision and Mission

Global Youth Compass is a global platform dedicated to bringing together successful young people from around the world to tackle global challenges and to empower talented and driven youth by creating opportunities for professional and personal growth through access to knowledge and experience of accomplished leaders of today.
Dedicated to nurturing an empowering, inspiring and enabling global community for emergent young leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, the Global Youth Compass supports initiatives benefiting youth at community, national and international levels –across a diverse range of fields including the social, political, economic and cultural. Global Youth Compass is driven to serve as a prime platform for orientation, high-level connections, exposure, leveraging resources and facilitating collaborative projects and ventures for youth worldwide and for stakeholders from across the public, private and civil society sectors.
The Global Youth Compass is inspired and driven by a vision of informed, skilled and engaged future generation of global citizens and leadership, capable of navigating the complexities and tapping into potentials of the sustainability shift and fourth industrial revolution – by bringing into life innovative and bold ideas which push frontiers of the possible and provide solutions to long-standing and emergent predicaments spanning from the welfare of local communities to the very future of our planetary civilization.